Our Mission

Mission And Purpose Statement

The San Mateo County Law Enforcement Training Managers Association is a group
of Criminal Justice Professionals drawn together for the purpose of providing
quality training. This is accomplished in a collaborative effort to identify
contemporary needs, developing strategies for training programs and processes to
evaluate them for all law enforcement entities in the County of San Mateo.


The women and men of the San Mateo County Law Enforcement Training Managers
Association are guided by the following Core Values. They describe our vision as
we want it to be. We want our decision and actions to demonstrate these Core
Values. We believe that putting our Core Vales into practice creates long term
benefits for all law enforcement members and the communities we serve.

We fulfill our commitments as responsible members of the San Mateo County Law
Enforcement Training Managers Association. We are each personally accountable
for the highest level of professionalism, including honesty and fairness in all
aspects of our work.

We are dedicated to continuously assess our training goals and strive toward
providing quality training for today as well as tomorrow. Each of us is
responsible for the quality of whatever we do.

We will each lead through our competence, creativity and teamwork. Our continued
success requires us to provide the education and development needed to help our
people grow.

We are committed to work in partnership with the San Mateo County Chiefs and
Sheriff’s Association and all affiliated organizations promoting and support law
enforcement training.

SMCO Training